You know folic acid is bad, but what’s the difference between folinic acid and methylfolate?

Should you use one over the other?

Get a practical understanding of how to support methylation effectively!


Confused between methylfolate and folinic acid? Get a practical understanding of how to support #methylation effectively.




Full Transcript:

Hello, Dr. Ben Lynch. What’s the difference between methylfolate and folinic acid? There’s a big difference. What you need to understand is what they do. And what they do are two different things. The beautiful thing is your body is able to transform methylfolate back into folinic acid and folinic acid into methylfolate, but it’s not easy. There’s enzymes for that.

Now, let’s talk about methylfolate first. Methylfolate is the new big dog on the block and what methylfolate does is support methylation. Methylfolate, methylation. So if you take your methylfolate,you’re going to support your patients’ methylation. Now, methylfolate has to work in tandem with methylcobalamin in order for that to happen, remember that. If you just support methylation with methylfolate, it might not work. Methylcobalamin is needed. Now, methylfolate supporting methylation is really important because methylation supports over 200 some odd enzymatic reactions. Wow, that’s impressive.

Now, folinic acid. What does it do? Folinic acid supports DNA-based production. That’s pretty important. Everything on us from hair to skin to toes to eyes to the lining of our intestines, all this requires DNA-based production. Folinic acid is in high, high demand. Your gut lining is repairing itself, hopefully, every seven days. Your entire gut lining shedding, replenishing folinic acid, DNA basis, methylfolate methylation.

Let’s give you a little example and scenario on what the difference is here. If patients are undergoing chemotherapy, there’s many of them that are taking methyltrexate. Methyltrexate is a known inhibitor of dihydropholic reductase. This is the enzyme which blocks folic acid from getting into the folic pathway. Beautiful thing. Methyltrexate has done wonders for a lot of people. But, there are issues with methyltrexate as with other drugs.

So what happens,when undergoing chemotherapy? Patients’ hair falls out.This doctor asked me, “Dr. Lynch, you were mentioning that we shouldn’t use folic acid anymore. We should use methylfolate. I had a patient come in undergoing chemo. Their hair fell out. What do I do? I gave methylfolate, and their hair didn’t grow back.” And I wrote back and said, “Methylfolate supports methylation and patients undergoing chemotherapy are probably deficient in methylcobalamin and other things. Methylation is probably inhibited. So, you might want to use folinic acid.” The doctor started prescribing folinic acid to the patient, hair grew back. Why? Hair has a lot of DNA, tons of DNA. So I wiped my brow on that one. So you need to understand function and what type. Folinic acid, DNA basis, methylfolate, methylation. Hope that helps you.

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