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Earn Revenue by Raising Awareness – SHEI Affiliate Program

As it has for many around the world, has your life improved with information presented by Dr Lynch? Have you told friends, colleagues and family about StrateGene, Memberships or online courses such as Part 1 and 2? We want to thank you by offering a commission to any sales generated by you! Raise awareness, and earn commissions, by becoming a SHEI Affiliate! With the SHEI affiliate program you will earn a generous 30% commission on sales closed within 60 days! We also have pre-made marketing materials for you to use – such as: Banners               […]

FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: Sept. 1st

Facebook Live Event Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:04:42 Q: What is the best test to measure mineral levels? A: The best test to order to evaluate mineral levels. That’s tough. I will say there are a number of tests out there. What we are trying to do is we’re trying not to be biased on one lab company or another. I will mention a few. There’s organic acids. Organic acid tests can show a number of things, so urinary organic acids. Intracellular nutrient testing is also very useful. Red blood cell RBC nutrient levels, mineral levels are also useful, RBC […]

FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 23rd

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 3 Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:02:48 Q: Do Sprout People have stainless or glass to grow? A: Good question. I wanted the same thing. Sprout People, we talked about them last time. Look at the Facebook Live video from previous where we talked about Sprout People. SproutPeople.com, do they have a stainless steel or glass container to grow sprouts in? Not that I’m aware of. No. You can create your own and develop a new product. That would be a phenomenal idea. They do use a safer plastic. You know plastic is not idea, right? I […]

FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 19th

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 2 Q&A with Dr Lynch 0:06:23 Q: May I ask about the MAOA gene? MAOT941G with the -/-, T. The variant is associated with normal/wild type MAOA slower activity compared to GG or GT. Does this mean is wild because it only has a T? How do I determine the up and down regulations? A: Great question. This is where a lot of confusion comes into play. Let me put this down for a second. On our reporting tool, we highlight the genes as green for ancestral allele meaning that is what’s found commonly among the […]

FB Live StrateGene Q&A Transcript: August 18th

StrateGene Facebook Live Part 1 Q&A with Dr Lynch   0:03:54 Q: I was hoping to ask about the DMGDH and whether multiple homozygous SNPs are clinically relevant at all, or can I assume that they aren’t since they aren’t included. A: DMGDH enzyme, multiple homozygous variants that they see in 23andMe or these other reporting tools that they used in the past. They’re not seeing that reported on StrateGene. Does that automatically mean that it’s not clinically relevant and there’s no action to be taken? No, that does not mean that. It’s a good insight. What I did is […]

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Wake-up your natural alarm clock!

You don’t have to lose sleep about not being able to wake-up in the morning… Nor do you have to rely on artificial stimulants to wake-up.     Sometimes your adrenals just need a little TLC or your room needs more light in the morning to shut down melatonin production. A few simple changes may just help you find your get-up-and-go in the morning! Trouble waking up in the morning? Become a morning person with a few simple tips! #adrenals #melatonin @drbenlynch   Full Transcript: “Oh, shut up. It’s not time to get up yet. Can’t wake up. Leave me alone. […]

blog 007

I Can’t Fall Asleep

Turn, turn, turn…   Okay this isn’t a reference to the Byrds’ song, but your sleeping habits, or lack thereof!   You can pull the covers over your sleepless nights by identifying some common triggers such as: Eating high histamine containing foods Eating high glutamate containing foods Having even a small amount of light in the bedroom Watch the video below, for the full scoop on what you can do to get your z’s – besides counting sheep! #Histamine, #Glutamate & #Neurotransmitters – triggers to your sleepless nights? #sleep. Full Transcript: “Man, will you stop moving around? Every night you’re […]

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Can’t Stay Asleep?

  Feeding schedules aren’t just for babies…       In fact one of the reasons that many people can’t sleep through the night is due to low blood sugar. This is usually the result of eating dinner too early or eating an imbalanced meal. Watch the video below for tips on how you can start sleeping like a baby…   #Sleep through the night by adjusting what you eat & when you eat. #healthtips Full Transcript: Hey, Dr. Ben Lynch here. So maybe you saw the Can’t Fall Asleep video. Maybe that works for you. But now you can’t […]


SHEICON2016 Q&A Webinar

Want a taste of SHEICON2016? Get an overview of what the conference was all about as Dr. Lynch addresses some of the attendee submitted questions.

Master Class with Dr. Ben Lynch, ND – Starting an Online Business and Creating an Online Presence

“Follow your passions, do what you love, and don’t let anything get in your way. You’ve all got it. We don’t compete with each other. We support each other.” When I was in medical school, I knew that Dr. Lynch was different…in a good way. He used an email opt-in form on his website to stay connected with readers, which showed me he had marketing savvy. He put on sold out conferences at Bastyr University, which showed me that he knew things that others wanted to learn. Most importantly, he showed me what it means to have the courage to speak […]

Dr. Lynch’s interview with Dr. Ritamarie

http://s3.amazonaws.com/drritamarie/videos/INE/INE-ACR-GuestFacultyResources-DrBenLynch-HighEstrogen-HaveYouCheckedMethylationStatus-Video.mp4 Audio http://drritamarie.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/INE/INE-ACR-GuestFacultyResources-DrBenLynch-HighEstrogen-HaveYouCheckedMethylationStatus-Audio.mp3 Download Full Slides Download Printer-Friendly Slides Download Transcript PDF


Case Study Webinar with Bernarda Zenker

Interested in learning more about why patients may be expressing certain symptoms? In this webinar, Dr. Bernarda Zenker extrapolates a case study on a 27 year old female with chronic migraines and tension headaches, insomnia and environmental allergies.


Case Study Webinar with Dr. Jess Armine – Methylation, Anxiety, Inflammation…What’s the connection?

Ready to see the Pathway Planner in action? Dr. Jess Armine shares a case study on the connection between methylation, anxiety, and inflammation. Both Dr. Lynch and Dr. Armine also address questions related to the case study.


How to Sauna Clinical Webinar

Wondering if sauna therapy would be beneficial for you or your patients? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses questions on ‘how to sauna’ for maximum health benefits.

TAP Integrative Review – Evidence Based Continuing Education for Busy Doctors

TAP Integrative combines top experts and the latest evidence and distills the clinical pearls into convenient bite-sized pieces. TAP Integrative is a non-profit organization started by Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, a respected author, educator and presenter with the support of Integrative Therapeutics. You can tell that Dr. Alschuler and her team put a lot of thought into the clinical topics and the layout of the site. Let’s take a tour. Clinical Topics Every month, there is a new Clinical Topic featuring an interview with an expert. Here’s a screenshot of our very own Dr. Lynch featured in the Clinical Topic, “Methylation […]

Get Help with Your Toughest Cases – SHEI Forum is Live!

We are happy to announce that the SHEI forum is live! Dr. Jess Armine and Dr. Eric Balcavage are now monitoring the forum to help with your specific questions. These experienced practitioners will help you apply what you learned from SHEICON and the methylation courses. Ask questions about your toughest cases, the Pathway Planner, specific supplements, or lab interpretation. You will accelerate your learning and your patients will get better faster. No question is too basic. Tap into the power of the SHEI community. Professional Members, login to access the forum. Don’t have a membership? Click here.


Arginine Webinar

Arginine metabolism questions? In this webinar, Dr. Lynch addresses questions from SHEICON attendees on the Pathway Planner. As one attendee commented, “I like this approach of focusing on a specific pathway for each webinar.” Key takeaways according to attendees –  The effect of Arginine metabolism on Polyamines Ammonia component of the arginine cycle.  Utilize creatinine more often in order to conserve arginine. Arginine/Lysine ratio and its role in  dehydration, weight loss  and  loss of muscle mass.

What Doctors Don’t Know About the Drugs They Prescribe

“We cannot know the true effectiveness of the medicines we prescribe if we do not have access to all the information.” In this TED talk, Ben Goldacre discusses the huge problem of publication bias–the tendency for unflattering research data to go unpublished. Goldacre compares this problem to flipping a coin 100 times, withholding half of the results, and convincing you that heads was the only result. He claims that this is happening in research in all fields of medicine. Goldacre describes this as a “systematic flaw in medicine” where scientific journals are not publishing negative results. These negative trials could […]


Understanding the CBS Enzyme Webinar

Confused about the CBS enzyme? Get a solid understanding of the role the CBS enzyme plays in your health. Learn more in the webinar below… Have a CBS SNP? Find out if its important or not… @drbenlynch

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4 Forms of Vitamin B12 – Which one to take?

Know the difference between cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin?       Find out who would benefit from each type of B12 and which one should be thrown away! Do you know which form of B12 is best to take? Find out! @drbenlynch Full Transcript: Hey, Dr. Ben Lynch here. Four types of B12. You’re confused. Yes. I know. Let’s clarify that confusion right now, shall we? Let’s start with the easy one, cyanocobalamin, garbage can. That simple. Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of B12 that you don’t want to be using in your patients. It’s cheap and it’s utilized […]

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Using Niacin to Offset Methylfolate Side Effects

  Irritable? Headaches? Acne? These could be signs of TOO MUCH methylfolate.       Balance is key but can be tricky to achieve at first… Enter: niacin! Find out how to use niacin and strike a balance with methylfolate. Too much #methylfolate? Find out what to do! @drbenlynch Full Transcript: Hello. Dr. Ben Lynch here from Seeking Health Educational Institute. Today, I want to talk with you about niacin, vitamin B3. It’s an essential nutrient for you and your patients. Now, what I do want you to know about niacin is it’s used in over 400 enzymatic reactions in the […]

MTHFR Testing is Wrong?

When something new starts making movement, the first reaction is what? Resistance. Change in medicine is S L O W. I get it. Sometimes. We must make sure we’re doing the right thing and safety is paramount. When new medications are being developed, I agree. Slow is great. When new surgical implants are being developed, I agree. Slow is great. Now, do we want medicine to be so slow when it comes to everything? When new surgical procedures are being developed, are they always slow? Or are they sometimes developed immediately and off-the-cuff in order to save a life? Have […]

Dr. Lynch Interview – MTHFR, Overmethylation, Histamine & Asthma

Physicians and patients get very frustrated when working with MTHFR in isolation. In this interview with Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health, Dr. Lynch talks about what is missing when treating patients with MTHFR. Dr. Lynch discusses his approach using specific nutrients and SNPs after helping patients with the foundations for health–lifestyle, diet, environment, and mindset. He also covers overmethylation and undermethylation, why some people can drink more beer than others, histamine and it’s role in eczema and exercise-induced asthma, and supporting your mitochondria for improved energy and aerobic performance. Resources mentioned in the video: thelowhistaminechef.com – low histamine recipes […]


What is Methylation? – General & Clinical Webinar

  Methylation. You’ve heard of it, but taking this biochemical process and understanding its implications on health, can seem daunting.     But it doesn’t have to be… As one enthusiastic webinar attendee said: “Thank you for all you’ve done to get the word out about methylation.  This is great stuff, but good info is not easy to find in places other than your site.” Watch webinar ‘What is Methylation’ and let us know how it helped you in the comments below! What is #methylation? Get the answers you’ve been looking for! #webinar @drbenlynch

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