When something new starts making movement, the first reaction is what?


Change in medicine is S L O W.

I get it.


We must make sure we’re doing the right thing and safety is paramount.

When new medications are being developed, I agree. Slow is great.

When new surgical implants are being developed, I agree. Slow is great.

Now, do we want medicine to be so slow when it comes to everything?

When new surgical procedures are being developed, are they always slow? Or are they sometimes developed immediately and off-the-cuff in order to save a life?

Have all surgical procedures stayed the same or have techniques changed over the years?

They’ve changed – absolutely.

The human genome project has been completed.

It was a remarkable event and one that is changing the face of medicine.

It is changing the face of medicine faster than medicine wants it to.

Health professionals don’t really know how to utilize the findings from the Human Genome Project.

Yet – they are trying.

Many of them are succeeding amazingly well.

Some of them are hurting patients with their recommendations.


In order to move forward, we must make educated decisions.

We have the tools.

Thousands of medical papers are published each month.

Who is reading them?

Who is putting the amazing findings together and making a plan of action?

How many are doing this?

Why do we even have all this research if no one is reading – and taking action – on all the published findings?!

I read it.

I make connections.

I make educated recommendations based on these connections.

I teach health professionals.

Health professionals apply them.

Some get success while others don’t.

We dialogue and make changes.

Most now get success on these refined recommendations.

I find new connections and teach new techniques.

Some get success while others don’t.

We dialogue and make changes.

Most now get success on these refined recommendations.

See a pattern?

We know that the MTHFR polymorphism is a potentially big issue for some individuals.

All? No.


Many because of our lifestyle, diet, mindset and environment.

Times have changed.

200 yrs ago we weren’t working at night. We couldn’t.

15 yrs ago we weren’t texting each other instead of communicating like humans.

30 yrs ago we weren’t eating GMO and chemically laden foods.

100 yrs ago we were more fit and active.

50 yrs ago babies weren’t born with 200+ chemicals in their umbilical cord blood.


MTHFR is common and has been selected for over time.

“Survival of the Fittest” right?

There is a reason why MTHFR has been selected for.

However, the current day is not conducive to the burden we all face.

Our reduced MTHFR activity for some of us is truly killing us or causing dysfunction.

If we test, identify MTHFR, change our lifestyle, dietary intake, mindset and environment, then we regain our health – commonly.

If we don’t test, we don’t take action.

Now – everyone is different.

Some are scared.

Some test and don’t take action.

Some test and take action but it is the wrong action.

Some test and take action and it is the right action.

Let me tell you a secret.

MTHFR is not the only gene in the human body.

There are 20,000+ others.

Your decision of what to eat, drink, do and where to live are affecting your genome more than the MTHFR gene by itself.

Now – I get irritated when people don’t think.

Just ask my kids.

We have all this amazing medical research which has tremendous potential to help us.

Yet we don’t take action as fast as we should.


Because it is HARD to make connections from thousands of medical papers.

It is TIME consuming.

I do it.

I am compelled to do it.

This drive is fueling change.

I feel it.

I see it.

I also hear it.

Sometimes it draws out those who are against change.

Over time, though, medicine changes.

It adapts.

It has to.

Someone has to stir the pot.

Someone has to make connections which may be wrong.

Because it is those new connections which can be the answer to countless people’s problems.

One day at a time.

One paper at a time.

One connection at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so they say.

Let me leave you with a thought.

There are really no scientific FACTS.

There are only accepted scientific theories.

In time, making these connections will be accepted and doctors around the world will be applying them.

For your sake.

For the unborn child’s sake.


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