Deborah Allen, RPh

Deborah Allen, RPh
Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD
Infinite Health
Integrative Pediatrics
Charlotte, North Carolina
Infinite Health, PLLC
2201 Park Road Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28203
Methylation and Nutrigenomic Approach to Cancer (2.5 Hours), Maternal and Pediatric Implications due to MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction (2 Hours), MTHFR & Methylation Dysfunction in Pediatrics, Nitrous Oxide: A Common Yet Toxic Gas, 7 Steps to Happiness, Practical Clinical Application of Methylation and Epigenetics (Professional Members), Methylation Summit 2014, SHEICON16
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2201 Park Rd Suite B Charlotte, NC 28203

Healthy from the inside out

At Infinite Health we love to use the best of traditional and integrative medicine to help uncover the root of your child’s illness, so we can transform their health and not just cover up their symptoms. We work with the entire family as a team, because each area of your child’s environment plays a role in his or her health. This includes: nutrition, their emotional and physical constitution, the family belief system about health, the child’s stress, and family dynamics. Our team has created a membership based practice designed to provide the support, structure and tools to not only get your child thriving again, but to also set them up for long-term wellness. In addition to the personal support we give you, your membership includes additional programs and services to get your kids thriving again. After attending from SHEICON 2016 & 2017, I am very excited to utilize what I have learned to support our patients!~Deb
  • Deborah Allen, RPh
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