Afrouz Demehri

Afrouz Demehri
Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County, California, United States
Folate Metabolism and MTHFR Video, Methylation and Nutrigenomic Approach to Cancer (2.5 Hours), Maternal and Pediatric Implications due to MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction (2 Hours)
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Dr. Afrouz Demehri knows firsthand the impact of putting her life on ‘automatic’. Years ago, poor nutrition, stress, and sleepless nights took their toll. Doctors tried everything to address the cause of weight gain, mental fogginess, pain, anxiety, yeast infections, PMS, and muscle twitching. They sent her to a host of medical specialists, and prescribed endless painkillers and antibiotics. Ironically, this was all while studying for her medical boards. That’s when Dr. Afrouz met her first naturopathic doctor. “We spent an hour and a half looking at the whole ‘me’: my beliefs, attitude, stress, culture, relationships, lifestyle, exercise, breathing, diet, fears, medical/family history, symptoms, blood work and imaging,” she says. By the time Dr. Afrouz got her diagnosis, she had a deep understanding of her health—and some of the underlying physical, mental, and spiritual root causes. As Dr. Afrouz grew strong and healthy, she changed her plans—passing over conventional medical school to become a naturopathic doctor. In retrospect, this made total sense. The granddaughter of food and herb specialists in Iran, Dr. Afrouz grew up within nature, eating whole foods, growing plants, and being strong and vibrant. Then, she moved to Australia and into the reigning Western medical culture—one of fear, prescription drugs, detrimental diets, and symptomatic Band-Aids. Since 2007, Dr. Afrouz has been helping patients with their health problems. Practicing as a licensed board-certified Naturopathic doctor specializing in integrative functional medicine for women, she finds the root cause for hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, stress, weight or digestive issues, fatigue, depression and anxiety. As faculty of University of California Irvine, she sees patients at the Susan Samueli Centre for Integrative Medicine or in her Ladera Ranch office in California. Existing patients can easily check in with her through video conferencing such as skype. Above all, Dr. Afrouz lives to nurture. “Because I was sick and my children have experienced sickness, I have come to learn the importance of the role women play in health—for themselves, for their families, and for the world. Also, I’ve learned how our foundation of health starts in utero—or even prior to conception,” she says. “The healthier people are, the more they can live a meaningful, soulful life.” Featured in publications such as Women’s Health, Now Magazine, Weight Wise Expo, and Vitality, her patients praise her as “a rare doctor who is extremely smart and is willing to give you her arm if you ask for it”, and “a rare combination of compassion and intelligence who listens deeply and has solutions.” When she’s not helping patients find their own lifelong wellness, you can find Dr. Afrouz cooking for her family of four, or teaching—and dancing—at the local Zumba studio. Certifications

  • Institute of Functional Medicine
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (Advanced Endocrinology)
  • Dr. Andrew Weil MD’s Centre for Integrative Medicine

Post-Graduate Studies

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine /Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Western endocrinology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Genomic medicine
  • Functional nutrition
  • Integrative pediatrics
  • Mind-body disciplines
  • Psychotherapy
  • IV nutritional Therapy
  • Afrouz Demehri
  • Afrouz Demehri
  • Afrouz Demehri
  • Afrouz Demehri
  • Afrouz Demehri
  • Afrouz Demehri
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