Dr. Emina Jasarevic, ND

Dr. Emina Jasarevic, ND
e.volve Health and Wellness
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Phone, Office
Unit 1 – 1890 Ambrosi Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 4R9

As a naturopathic physician, I practice functional, science-based naturopathic medicine. My approach to health is to start with the foundation of a healthy environment, diet and regular exercise. In practice, I focus on removing toxicity, balancing individual nutrition, replenishing deficiencies and restoring optimal function.

As each individual is unique, I create a customized program based on each patients’ condition, lifestyle, habits and an understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual realm. It is my privilege as a doctor to educate my patients about their health condition, lifestyle choices and medical options – to empower them to make the right choices for optimal health and wellness.

Areas of Focus include:

Endorine disorders: Adrenal & Thyroid Health
Hormone Balancing from PMS to Fertility to Menopause
Gastrointenstinal Disturbance from SIBO to Constipation and everything in between
Genetic Interpretation as it relates to the whole person
Environmental Detoxification with Chelation and whole foods cleansing
Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy for Joint pain and dysfunction

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