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Dr. Michael Veselak
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On a daily basis, Dr. Michael Veselak has patients come to him after visiting several Doctors and Specialists for their Chronic Pain and Neurodegenerative conditions. Most of these patients share the same story: they were labeled with a diagnosis, ran an array of tests, medications were prescribed, but no real solution was offered to address the cause of their problem.
However, the stories our patients share are the only common ground among them. In fact, we have found that no two patients are exactly alike in terms of the cause of their discomfort and the way in which it is addressed. Dr. Veselak is often asked, “what do you do to fix or treat this condition?” And each time, his answer is the same: “every patient is different.” Each patient has an individual genetic makeup. The way in which their genes express themselves is unique; their exposure to toxins, chemicals or heavy metals are different; and diet and lifestyle are particular to each case.
Be that as it may, what is similar is our body’s function and its requirements to produce energy, build a healthy immune system and ultimately, survive. If our body is overloaded with toxins, viruses, bacterias, chemicals, fungi, and heavy metals, it will do whatever it takes to survive.
Symptoms such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Brain Fog will become more pronounced as it becomes more difficult for our body to produce the energy needed for regular daily tasks. As our physical and mental capacity begins to deteriorate, it becomes increasingly more difficult for our body to get out of this downward spiral.
In our clinic, Dr. Michael Veselak focuses on the individual, and develops a plan which is unique to their body. With genetic testing, Dr. Veselak can identify and address where your body is susceptible to having issues by recognizing various SNPs. In doing so, Dr. Veselak can then determine your bodies ability to detoxify, make neurotransmitters, produce energy, or produce glutathione.
Through proper gene analysis and specific nutrition, these genetic weaknesses can be supported and bypassed via nutrition, and in turn, begin to effectively make change and allow our patients to feel well again.
Dr. Michael Veselak also commonly incorporates the Organic Acids Test. This provides him with several markers which include neurotransmitter function, dysbiosis in the gut, detoxification markers, vitamin deficiencies, and most importantly, how the body is converting food (macronutrients) into usable energy. When these markers are identified, Dr. Veselak can then create a plan to improve energy production in the body and the utilization of nutrients.
Simply stated, with each patient, Dr. Michael Veselak’s goal is to remove all the toxins and environmental burdens that have been placed on their body. Next, Dr. Veselak will restore the body’s proper functioning ability to utilize food properly and convert this food into vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, and of course, water. In turn, this will provide adequate energy to allow the body to strengthen and build the immune system. During the repair process, it is important to support and find the weaknesses and provide proper nutrition, which includes vitamins, herbs, and minerals. In our office, Dr. Michael Veselak also uses homeopathy and bioresonance therapy to support the body to restore it to proper cell health and functioning.
Dr. Michael Veselak has treated thousands of patients from all over the United States suffering with chronic disease. His success is due to the fact that we treat each patient based on their genetic needs. Through proper testing we can discover the susceptibility and provide proper nutrition and a personalized plan to restore proper function.

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