Dr. Susanne Bennett

Dr. Susanne Bennett
Wellness For Life Center
1821 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 300
Santa Monica, California 90403
Folate Metabolism and MTHFR Video, Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Video Course (13 Hours), SHEICON15, SHEICON16
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1821 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300, Santa Monica CA 90403

Dr. Susanne Bennett is an internationally recognized natural and integrative medicine expert with over 27 years of clinical experience in the fields of allergies, clinical nutrition, methylgenetics and anti-aging medicine. She is the author of #1 International Best Seller, Mighty Mito- Power Up Your Mitochondria for Boundless Energy, Laser Sharp Mental Focus and a Powerful Vibrant Body, and The 7-Day Allergy Makeover.

Dr. Susanne is the talk show host of “Wellness For Life” on RadioMD and iHeart Radio, and is devoted to sharing the best health strategies and providing easy to implement tips to improve your life and start feeling better today, the all-natural way.

Dr. Susanne is also the CEO and Founder of PURIGENEX, a skin care company dedicated to creating non-invasive products and cutting edge formulations to help prevent premature skin aging, rejuvenate and restore optimal skin health. Her philosophy is that “healthy skin leads to better health.”
For more information on Dr. Susanne, please visit her website at drsusanne.com. For more information on her private practice, please call 310-315-1514.

As a mentor and lecturer, Dr. Susanne frequently speaks to professional and consumer audiences globally. Her work has been featured in numerous television outlets and publications, including Fox New with Dr. Manny, ABC Family Channel, Extra NBC, Good Day LA, Marie Claire, Woman’s World Magazine, Women’s Health and OK Magazine.

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