Elizma Lambert, ND

Elizma Lambert, ND
Realize Health
Loganholme, Queensland, Australia
Folate Metabolism and MTHFR Video, Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Video Course (13 Hours), Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 2 – Video Course (11 Hours), Methylation and Nutrigenomic Approach to Cancer (2.5 Hours)
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Realize Health, Shop 15A, Hyperdome, Loganholme, QLD, Australia

Why did you become a health professional? Chasing the secrets to longevity Passions in life? Running, exercise, experimenting with food & nutrients What drew you to utilizing methylation and nutrigenomics in your practice? I love to know how the body works. Every person is unique and I enjoy the journey of putting all the pieces together. What are your top three recommendations that you give to the majority of your clients/patients? Stay in the present, listen to your body, stop doing things that are clearly not working for you.

  • Elizma Lambert, ND


The first time I met Elizma I was impressed with her honesty and down to earth attitude. The difference she has made in my life is quite remarkable. She helps to ensure I am getting all the nutrients and co-factors I need to best treat my autoimmune issues and I have never felt better. She interprets my test results, considers my symptoms and makes recommendations always fully explaining everything.

I was so impressed with Elizma, I took my adult son who had been diagnosed with a derivative of B-Polar. He was struggling with life had constant mood swings & the doctors wanted to put him on anti-depressants but Elizma recommended two natural supplements instead. WOW – the difference in him is amazing! He feels like he has his life back, he is balanced and is happily looking forward to the future. I have my son back & no longer have that nagging worry about him – a huge weight off my shoulders. He is not on any drugs, only natural supplements he was previously deficient in. All our family cannot believe the improvement in him.

I Highly recommended Elizma to anyone interested in their health and wellbeing. She is caring and considerate and her depths. of knowledge and abilities are amazing. My son and I are very grateful for her.

Shirley Macaione


Elizma has been my family naturopath for a number of years now and I am constantly amazed at her knowledge and understanding of how the body works and her ability to work with the patient as an individual and not hand out a ‘one size fits all’ treatment as I have experienced with other health practitioners. She goes far beyond what is expected to find the right treatment in difficult situations and I would not hesitate to recommend her as your health practitioner in any situation.
Pauline Johnston/June 10, 2016


Elizma responds quickly to appointments and makes herself available. She always listens and has many ways of coming at an issue. Our treatment was always explained and she never made us dependent in the healing process. I would more than recommend Elizma as she has a great understanding of how the body works with a wonderful understanding of biochemistry and methylation pathways and really what a blood test is saying. She has had an awesome outcome with my husband’s migraines. She worked through many issues to bring about a great improvement. I recently had an accident and broke the neck of the femur and her support, knowledge and availability in the healing process has meant a great speedy recovery for me. We are very grateful to have found Elizma and to have her as part of our health team. Jenny O’Neil


We can’t say enough good things about Elizma and what she’s done for our family’s health and quality of life.
We’re constantly amazed at her ability to assimilate a health modalities and knowledge to maximise health and vitality at a minimum of cost.
Elizma goes above and beyond to find the right solution for each individual. Not only is she adept in the use of naturopathic techniques such as muscle testing and nutritional therapies she is also has an amazing ability to process standard blood test data like no one else I’ve seen as well as other testing such as MTHFR, genetic profiling and stool analysis for but bacteria overgrowth.
Elizma is relentless in her continued learning and researching to find ways to lead people towards health.
As a type 1 diabetic with a range of other autoimmune issues my wife Monica has spent her life going to numerous medical specialists. Despite her initial scepticism about the non-standard methodologies she says that Elizma has helped her more than anyone in her three decades with diabetes and other autoimmune issues.
Elizma undertook targeted testing to understanding what was going on with her problematic digestion, targeted the SIBO and then repopulated her lower intestine with good bacteria through supplementation. This has allowed her to process fats better and improve her nutrient absorption which has enabled her to vastly improve her diabetes management, depression and energy levels.
After experiencing this improvement Moni was eager to take the kids to Elizma who has been able to help both of them improve their health and concentration which has helped them with their vitality and schooling. She was even able to take our 23andme genetic testing and work through the issues providing targeted advice on nutrient and dietary therapies to optimise our health.
Thank you Elizma for your care, dedication and passion.
Marty Kendall


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