John Anderson

John Anderson
Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation
Wood Dale, Illinois, United States
Folate Metabolism and MTHFR Video
199 S. Addison Rd, Suite 106, Wood Dale, IL, 60191

Why did you become a health professional? Close friend is a chiropractor and I was fascinated by how he was able to help people. Passions in life? Family, learning Specialties? Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology Undergraduate degree, year graduated and school: BS, 1994, Illinois State University Graduate degree, year graduated and school: DC, National University of Health Sciences, 2008 What drew you to utilizing methylation and nutrigenomics in your practice? Why? I was not satisfied with the suggested therapies and reasons for providing given in school. What can’t be explained by neurology often has a metabolic component. Methylation obviously plays a significant role. Ideal client/patient? Someone who has been What are your top three recommendations that you give to the majority of your clients/patients? Paleo diet, control blood glucose, get adequate sleep Describe a case or two (HIPPA compliant) where you utilized methylation and nutrigenomics successfully with a patient. There have been numerous cases of patients presenting with hypothyroid symptoms, but normal thyroid hormone levels. Homocysteine was elevated thereby affecting the function of the thyroid hormone receptor. Normalizing levels partly through methylation pathways (and lifestyle) resolved symptoms.

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