Kaye Reich, CNTP, CGP

Kaye Reich, CNTP, CGP
Greens and Genes
Boulder, Colorado and Niwot, Colorado
Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Video Course (13 Hours), Maternal and Pediatric Implications due to MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction (2 Hours), MTHFR & Methylation Dysfunction in Pediatrics, Nitrous Oxide: A Common Yet Toxic Gas, 7 Steps to Happiness, Practical Clinical Application of Methylation and Epigenetics (Professional Members), Methylation Summit 2014, SHEICON15, SHEICON16
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Greens and Genes

Making the connection between our genetic predispositions, what we eat, and how our bodies optimally function is key to cultivating good health. As a functional nutrition therapist, I assess the whole individual and then work to cultivate and support my client’s health through the understanding of their personal genetics and the power of whole, unprocessed foods, nutritional supplements, detoxification, movement, proper sleep, stress management and wise lifestyle choices. By utilizing genetic assessments, a thorough health history and functional testing, I address the root cause of health issues, not just symptoms, and create a personalized plan to support vibrant health. Discover the keys needed to unlock your optimal gene expression… that is, to enjoy abundant health and wellness while maximizing your highest gene potential. Certifications: Graduate, Nutrition Therapy Institute Graduate, Holistic Nutrition Lab Certified Primal Blueprint Expert   Affiliations and Memberships: Seeking Health Educational Institute National Association of Nutrition Professionals International Academy of Precision Medicine   Services Offered:

  • 23andme Genetic Assessment
  • MTHFR Analysis & Support
  • Get to the Root Cause of GI Disturbances including SIBO, IBS, IBD, GERD, Acid Reflux, Gut Dysbiosis, Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Food Allergies, High Histamines & Oxalates
  • Personalized Nutrition Recommendations
  • Personalized Gluten Elimination Support
  • Personalized Detoxification Plans
  • Blood Sugar Dysregulation & Diabetes Support
  • Immune System Boost & Support including Autoimmune Disease and recurrent infections
  • Nurture Your Thyroid
  • Root Out Nutrient Deficiencies and support cofactors needed for optimal gene function
  • Get Your Energy Back
  • Boost Your Mood by addressing anxiety, depression, addictions, and insomnia

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