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Michelle Dillon
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“My heart goes out to parents out there who are tired, impatient, and lacking the energy to play with their children, parenting is an extremely tiring and trying experience and if you are not supporting your body correctly, it makes it so much harder, almost impossible.”

“I truly feel that God called me to this profession to help others, mom’s specifically, reach their optimal health and be the parent their children need them to be! I still do have my days of feeling a bit overwhelmed, but really with the help of Jesus, my husband, and my supplements – the process of parenting is so much easier. Having more patience, being able to run, jump, and dance with my kids, is priceless. I’d love to help others feel this way!”

Dr. Michelle Dillon’s passion is working with families to rebuild health without drugs or surgery. A mother herself, she knows and understands the hardships and trials of motherhood. “If mom is struggling it causes an internal struggle with everyone else in the family.”

“As a mother of three beautiful children, I know the stress and struggle of what a mother has to go through to stay sane and keep the home running! Running a family practice is like having another child, it’s hard but well worth it! Without the support and help of my husband, Eamon who is also the office manager, things would be a lot different!

God is faithful and gives me the wisdom daily to help me know how to my job well and sustain a sense of humor. ”

Dr. Michelle Dillon, earned her bachelors degree from Florida State University in biology & human sciences. After graduating, she continued on to receive her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine fromSouthwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her children, going on bikes rides, playing soccer, dancing, and doing crafts.

As a  Naturopathic Family Doctor, Dr. Michelle  is trained as a primary care physician, but has a different philosophy when it comes to treatment. Instead of just giving a medication for a certain ailment, Dr. Michelle’s goal is to find the cause of that problem.

She can see anyone as young as a few weeks old to those that are almost a century old.

Once Dr. Michelle finds what is causing the symptoms, the body is then supported with natural nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, or herbal medicines to help the body heal itself. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Michelle emphasizes prevention and the support of the body’s natural defenses for optimal health.

Getting you healthy and keeping you healthy is her goal.

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