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Michelle Newton
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Michelle Newton FNP

Healthcare is ever changing, but their are basic modalities, studied science and history that reveals timeless treatments and ways of making individuals better.  At Bio, I have the latest technology, the latest studies, and the research background and experience to bring a huge toolbox to the table to look at your disease and cause.

Suddenly, healthcare has become about the treatment or drug of the day, rather than looking to what has caused a disease.  I am a passionate Nurse Practitioner, excited to partner with you to help you reach your goals of finding the cause of your disease, and doing my best to help you get better. There are options to get you to your highest potential and you can expect thorough appointments looking for the cause of disease, treating disease uniquely and discussing multiple modalities to treat disease with your individualized focused plan. BIO is part of the Pastoral Medical Association, as this office is truly integrative, incorporating all aspects of your care.

The greatest honor I can have in partnering in your care, is that you do not need to come see me, because you are that healthy! Regaining your health is my goal. Sometimes, it takes a visit, and sometimes it takes years, but my goal is that you know a place you are cared for and treated as a unique individual.

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