Monica Xu

Monica Xu
Integrated Medicine Institute
Hong Kong Island
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13/F & 17/F Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley Street, Central, HK

Dr. Monica Xu (ND) is a US trained and licensed primary care naturopathic physician, who applies functional medicine in her practice and utilizes lab tests to identify the root causes of symptoms. She treats acute and chronic conditions in adults and children (one year and up) with herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements as well as diet and lifestyle advice.

“I believe in using minimal intervention to restore the imbalances in the body,” says Monica, who often emphasizes simplicity as the key in treating clients.

Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to: digestive disorders such as GERD, inflammatory bowel diseases and leaky gut syndrome; women’s health conditions such as thyroid and hormonal issues, painful or irregular periods and menopause complications; sleep and mood disorders, as well as children’s immunity and development.

Originally from Beijing, she received her Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Science from Pennsylvania State University. Upon her graduation, she joined the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and conducted research projects involving iron deficiency related diseases in West Africa. Following her passion in helping people to overcome health challenges and attracted by the principles of natural medicine, she completed medical training and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree with Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington and received further training at the New England School of Homeopathy.

Prior to joining IMI, Monica was a primary care naturopathic physician at Vitality Medispa Medical Clinic in Seattle and Holistic Health Clinic at Tacoma. She also served as a naturopathic advisor at Northwest Functional Wellness. Later she moved to Beijing and joined an international orthopedic rehabilitation center in helping patients recovering from surgery and traumas.

Monica’s lifestyle includes African dance, yoga, running and swimming.

胥夢(ND) – 自然療法醫師

B.Sc, N.D.(美國)

IMI地點: 中環,愉景灣
語言: 英語,普通話


「我的治療理念是使用最少的干預來恢復身體的平衡」胥醫師說 。她的求診者包括成人和兒童(一歲或以上)的急性和慢性疾病患者。她尤精於治療:消化系統疾病、炎症性腸胃病、漏腸綜合症,婦科狀況如甲狀腺和激素問題、疼痛或不規律經期、睡眠和情緒障礙,以及提升兒童的免疫力。


加入IMI之前,胥醫師是西雅圖Vitality Medispa醫療診所和塔科馬 Holistic Health Clinic醫療診所的自然療法家庭醫生。她也為Northwest Functional Wellness醫療診所擔任自然療法顧問。後來她回到北京,加入了一所國際骨科康復中心,幫助患者從手術和創傷中復原。


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