Monika Buerger

Monika Buerger
Eagle Canyon Wellness & Sensory Development Center
Ammon, Idaho, United States
Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 2 – Video Course (11 Hours), Maternal and Pediatric Implications due to MTHFR and Methylation Dysfunction (2 Hours), MTHFR & Methylation Dysfunction in Pediatrics, Nitrous Oxide: A Common Yet Toxic Gas
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Dr. Buerger has been in family wellness practice since 1992 .  She is an author and National and International lecturer in the field of functional neurology and functional medicine.  Due to her own personal health struggles, she has dedicated her life to those struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders and chronic health disorders.  She currently has a thriving practice in Souteastern Idaho where she helps both children and adults regain their health through natural alternatives.

Her mission:

To prevent disease in the unborn child, to promote proper neurodevelopment in the newborn, and to ensure a life of optimal health for all!



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