Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS

Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS
MindWhale Clinic and Tao of Venus Reproductive Wellness Center
Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California
Phone, Skype
(385) 202-5154

Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS is a clinical biochemist and wellness teacher who is deeply committed to transforming lives through optimizing health. After obtaining his graduate degree in biochemistry, he obtained his Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential and focused his learning on understanding and addressing the root causes of illness using functional methods. Nicholas has received advanced training in functional medicine, nutrition, nutrigenomics, mental health, reproductive wellness, mindfulness, integrative medicine, autism, and neurology. By utilizing advanced blood, urine, and genetic analysis, Nicholas identifies and treats the unique root causes of health conditions and sees remarkable transformations in his clients’ health. He helps people with a wide range of conditions and has special expertise in brain-related disorders (mood, attention, anxiety, insomnia, autism, Alzheimer’s, etc), infertility, autoimmune disease, fatigue, and allergy. His friendly manner, dedicated concern, and detailed insight make healing a pleasant process.

Nicholas Hundley is the founder of The MindWhale Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. The MindWhale Clinic specializes in mental health nutrition, helping clients with a wide range of mental disorders to recover and live happy, productive, meaningful lives. In contrast to the traditional psychiatric healthcare model, MindWhale identifies and treats the root causes of brain health imbalances for genuine and lasting transformation. Nicholas is also a partner with Beth Meneley at the Tao of Venus Women’s Health Clinic in Los Angeles, CA where he helps men and women become fertile and have happy, healthy babies using functional methods.

Nicholas Hundley gained extensive knowledge of biochemistry through his research in free radical biochemistry at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. His research included studies on nitric oxide, superoxide, peroxynitrite, and antioxidants. This gave him in-depth insight into the biochemical pathways of health and disease.

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