Reiko Sudduth, MS, RDN

Reiko Sudduth, MS, RDN
Rocket Nutrition
Seattle, Washington, United States
7 Steps to Happiness, Practical Clinical Application of Methylation and Epigenetics (Professional Members), SHEICON17
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Seattle, Washington

Hi, I’m Reiko (“ray-ko”), founder of Rocket Nutrition, and my passion is helping people with chronic health issues to eat without fear and be able to trust their body again. I specialize in digestive support (food allergies, celiac, IBS, IBD, SIBO), autoimmune disorders, anxiety and ADHD.

Whether you are just getting started, or you have seen every type of practitioner and tried all kinds of treatments, what I have found is that people who are suffering from chronic health issues really need an experienced healthcare partner to hold the big picture while gently guiding them through a proven, step-by-step healing process. I truly listen to your whole story, and review comprehensive labs and genetic tests. This allows me evaluate all aspects of your health and understand exactly what your struggles and strengths are and identify the root cause of your illness. Then I provide you a clear, personalized roadmap and supportive tools so together we can help you find your way back to wellness.

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