Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson
Thrive Medical
Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
Folate Metabolism and MTHFR Video, Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Video Course (13 Hours), Nitrous Oxide: A Common Yet Toxic Gas
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929 NW 164th St. Edmond, OK 73013
Rob Wilson, MS, APRN-CNP is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine & Integrative healthcare. At Thrive Medical, we offer a comprehensive approach to meet your healthcare needs. We treat the whole person utilizing the principles and methods of Functional Medicine to uncover the root of the problems, restore health and promote optimal vitality. Rob works hand-in-hand with his patients to address the underlying causes of illness as opposed to just managing symptoms or suppressing the body’s natural physiology. We nurture health and healing through nutrition, lifestyle modifications, vitamins, herbs and supplements. We utilize prescription medications when necessary, but understand that simply controlling symptoms is not the long term solution.  Rob uses conventional lab testing as well as cutting edge Functional Medicine testing to help uncover the root of your illness. At Thrive Medical, we truly offer individualized, patient centered care. Whether it be chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism or the inability to lose weight, Thrive Medical has the answers and solutions you deserve. “I’ve always had an interest in a holistic approach to healthcare and knew there had to be a better way to treat chronic illness, prevent disease and promote optimal health. When it comes to preventing disease and managing chronic illness, our current system isn’t serving its citizens very well. We are getting sicker and fatter despite spending more money on healthcare that any other country in the world. The current medical insurance model is not conducive to helping people with chronic conditions get well. We must start looking at the whole person, focusing on how everything is connected and investigating the real causes of our patients’ illnesses. But in order to do that, we need more time and a different approach. That’s why I like to see all new patients for a 90 minute to 2 hour initial appointment. I also have the patient fill out extensive paperwork and send in all lab work from the past 12 months prior to their visit. I typically spend at least an hour reviewing their paperwork and labs before the patient walks in the door, and then we have 90 minutes to 2 hours of one-on-one time to investigate their history from preconception to the current day, perform a physical exam and really zone in on the underlying issues and develop an individualized plan of care. Then I spend more time reviewing labs that I ordered and make any changes to the treatment plan as necessary before the follow-up appointment. This is Functional Medicine, this is the future of healthcare. You simply can’t do this in the current insurance based model. The majority of chronic conditions we see today can be avoided with lifestyle changes and better nutritional choices. Instead of merely labeling a patient with a diagnosis and matching that diagnosis with the drug of choice, or supplement for that matter, I want to dig deeper. I want to look at what’s truly causing my patients’ symptoms so we can work together to get to the root cause. I want my patients to know that their opinion is valued and that they play a significant, proactive role in the healing process. I want my patients to know that I truly care.”  – Rob Wilson, MS, APRN-CNP
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