7 steps to happiness

7 Steps to Happiness

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Is it possible to eliminate depression – naturally? Dr. Lynch shares from his own experience and research, 7 effective Steps to Happiness. In these short videos, you will discover the fundamentals for living with energy, vitality and passion.

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Have you wondered what panels and labs are recommended by Dr. Lynch? How to have energy in the morning? What nutrient imbalance is associated with gray or white hair? What SNP’s may predispose you to depression? What nutrients support digestion? Better yet, how all of these fit together to support happiness?

Find out how 7 practical steps can lead you down a path of feeling healthy and happy!

After viewing these videos and practically applying the steps, please share with us how you feel!

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General Public $25.00, Medical Student $25.00, Health Professional $25.00

Step 1 – Diet (6:12)

  • How to support consistent neurotransmission

Step 2 – Digestion (7:47)

  • How to eat properly

Step 3 – Activity (7:04)

  • How to find your passion

Step 4- Stress (7:45)

  • How to support your adrenals

Step 5 – Infections (6:32)

  • How to identify and eliminate bacterial and viral load

Step 6 – R.O.S. & Inflammation (10:04)

  • How to identify and reduce inflammation to support healthy serotonin levels

Step 7 – Genetics (14:06)

  • How to support SNP’s from a holistic approach
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