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Methylation Summit 2014

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Revealing 21st century discoveries and clinical applications of the methylation cycle. The methylation cycle is arguably one of the most clinically important biochemical pathways in the entire body. Yet, nearly 50% of the world’s population harbors genetic defects, that impair various aspects of undermine the body’s ability to perform methylation.

Concurrently, increased exposure to environmental chemicals, physical and psychological stressors, and nutrient deficiencies burden the methylation cycle.

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Product Description

Linking The Methylation Cycle with Detoxification

•The epidemic of epidemics of cardiovascular, immunological and neurological diseases is likely associated with environmental toxicants.

• Metal and chemical toxicants compete for key endogenous detoxification processes.

• Methionine has a central role in detoxification and, methionine metabolism can be disrupted by toxicants, oxidative stress, nutritional insufficiencies and single nucleotide polymorphisms.

• Definitive laboratory tests are available to help clinicians identify bottlenecks in detoxification processes and formulate specific treatment protocols for individual patients.

Key Clinical Takeaways

• Describe the primary endogenous detoxification processes and recognize where toxicants and nutritional insufficiencies impede the processes.

• Explain the three primary pathways of methionine metabolism as related to detoxification and health.

• Summarize genetic and epigenetic factors that can disrupt methionine metabolism, including methylation and transsulfuration.

• Employ appropriate laboratory testing to assess (1) exposure to toxicants, (2) ability to detoxify, (3) status of obligatory nutrient co-factors for detoxification and, (4) phenotypic expression of genes involved in methionine metabolism.

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