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Nitrous Oxide: Understand the Risks

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If you knew that nitrous oxide can truly harm one’s mood, neurological system, liver and destroy their vitamin B12, would you give it to them? Would you receive it personally? Dr Lynch dives into the research and biochemistry clearly outlining the harms of nitrous oxide. Once understanding how nitrous oxide affects the methylation cycle, you will be guided to learn what other alternatives there are to nitrous oxide. There’s more. If you do use nitrous oxide, Dr Lynch provides you with clear directions how to reduce the risk. This presentation is a must for anyone providing and/or using nitrous oxide.

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Going to the dentist is never fun. You gladly say ‘Yes!’ to the nitrous oxide as you don’t want to experience anything while in the chair. The issue is that simple decision has dire consequences to your methylation – especially those who are already compromised with MTHFR.

Dr Lynch provides the foundation, proof and solutions right here in a two-part video series on Nitrous Oxide:  Understand the Risks.

A must-see for anyone with MTHFR and/or methylation dysfunction.
A must-see for any dentist.

Video Part 1:  MTHFR: The Impact of Nitrous Oxide

Video Part 2:  Restoring the Methionine Synthase Enzyme

As an aside, and for more information, watch this video:
“You put what in my mouth?” –> link to here:

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