Pathway Planner Clinical Application Course


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Product Description

Learn to apply the Pathway Planner to evaluate clinically relevant SNPs

Dr. Lynch will show you how to apply the Pathway Planner tool to identify enzymatic imbalances related to clinically relevant SNPs and to make sense of genetic reports your patient brings to your office.

Originally presented at SHEICON2015, this Pathway Planner course will help you understand how to effectively use the Pathway Planners.

With this clinical tool, you will be able to correlate clinical symptoms with increased or decreased enzymatic activity. You will also be able to identify the nutritional and environmental factors effecting these pathways, allowing you to create individualized treatment strategies for your patient.

Why use the Pathway Planners?

  1. Understand ‘Why’
  2. Ability to “see” your patient’s personal ‘map’
  3. Ability to lay out a more targeted treatment plan
  4. Less guessing
  5. Stimulate thinking
  6. Stimulate creativity
  7. Discover patterns
  8. Inform the patient
  9. Increase patient compliance
  10. Troubleshoot complex cases
  11. Apply lab results real-time to the pathways
  12. Effective for many complex – and simple – conditions
  13. Reference vs memorization
  14. Understand gene control regardless of SNP status
  15. Identify ways to bypass/reduce the burden of genetic polymorphisms

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Understand the Functions and Blockages of each Cycle / Pathway:
  1. Methionine Cycle
  2. Transulfuration Pathway
  3. Biopterin & Neurotransmission Pathways
  4. Folate Cycle
  5. Fates of Arginine
  6. Histamine
  7. Fates of Pyruvate
  8. Glucose Metabolism
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